With our allies,

and all our might.


We are humbled by disparity. Much of humanity struggles to meet their most basic needs while the rest prospers in abundance.


Disparity is man-made. We believe it can be man-unmade if we use our collective resources to meet our collective needs.


Because sharing breeds brilliance breeds innovation breeds change. The kind of change that’s needed in our most vulnerable of communities.


Everyone has a resource. Expertise, time, ideas, skills. A brand, a following, a connection, a workforce.


Anyone can be a changemaker. Social impact is not reserved for those on the front lines. Creating it shouldn’t rest only on their shoulders.


We believe in an alliance of and for changemakers. A reckonable force of the best and brightest across sectors.


And we’re here to lead the charge. To stand in solidarity, break down barriers, ignite social innovation, create shared value. To get after the most complex social issues facing the world today.


With our allies, and all our might.