We recruit + activate allies.
To reach sustainability and drive more change.


We give small but mighty changemakers the kind and caliber of services typically reserved for big dogs with big budgets. At a cost that fits their unique model and means.

We could go it alone, but that’s not the best path to sustainability or the greatest social change – for us or the organizations we serve. Our mission and their visions demand action and allies across disciplines and sectors. So we galvanize: 


Marketing agencies

to donate creative brainpower that augments our core capabilities and keeps changemaker costs low.


Donors + foundations

to fuel our capacity building work and to directly finance post-investment needs of portfolio grantees. 

For-profit brands

to contribute indispensable resources and expertise that are otherwise inaccessible to the underserved.


Proximate partners

to bring vital cultural perspective, and execution of strategy and campaigns in local international markets.


Mighty Ally is the pragmatic centerpoint, catalyzing meaningful connections that foster proximity and shared value. Because a fly-by, handout approach does more harm than good. So every engagement involves feet on the ground, and every ally reaps measurable business returns.