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Setting KPIs that drive impact.

KPIs are simply a way of measuring a company's progress toward the goals it is trying to achieve. And there’s no point setting a vision if you don’t bring that lofty aim down to earth and track your successes every step of the way. Learn about both lagging and leading indictors, along with five rhythms to nail them.

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The not-so-hidden key to organizational success.

Nelson Mandela knew the power of good leadership, the right team, and proper structure during the 1995 Rugby World Cup. These are the same three bases of organizational health, and they’re free, effective, and available to all NGOs and social enterprises. So why all the attention on innovation, scale, and funding? Org health alone is paramount to driving real impact.

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Laying the foundation for social enterprise success.

We’ve just completed the formation phase here at Mighty Ally. And while we’re no scholars on the subject of success, we’ve each had a few solid wins – and losses – in our careers and brought those learnings into this new nonprofit. Here are five principles we’ve recently put through the paces.

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