The Mighty Five: March 2018.


A cross-sector curation of the month’s best social impact listens & reads

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We read and listen to a lot around here. Articles, journals, case studies, podcasts – anything that provides nuggets of insight to fuel our mission and work. And we distill them down to our very top five in a regular monthly roundup. We hope you gain as much from reading it as we do from curating it.


Sowing social seeds to reap business rewards.

SSIR | 9min

Like any startup, early-stage social enterprises desperately need seed capital. But even as impact investing grows, a mere three percent of these funds were allocated to such ventures last year. What if for-profit businesses could fill this gap, acting as early-stage investors and partners? There’s a decent argument to be made that entry into this market is quite easy. And case studies suggest, a real return on investment.


The puppet, the shrew, & the double bind facing women who want to lead.

NPR | 20min

On International Women’s Day, we delighted in stories of inspiring females and reflected on the fact that poverty disproportionately affects these same women. Gender inequality is incredibly real, even for women participating in the developed workforce. So real in fact, that research proves this deeply embedded bias and double bind. NPR talks gender gap in leadership on Hidden Brain.


Beyond impact measurement to return on donor dollar.

Team Rubicon | 3min

Kathleen attended The Heart Series conference in February, where she heard a fascinating keynote from the COO of Team Rubicon about their commitment to transparency, data, and impact measurement. Take a peek at their Open Initiative and marvel with us at their ability to measure the return generated on a donor’s “investment” dollar.


Salesforce & United Way team up to cast a Cloud on declined charitable giving.

Fast Company | 14min recently announced the launch of an employee giving platform called Philanthropy Cloud. Its features are geared heavily towards personalization and individualized impact calculations – presumably to counter the unfortunate decreasing trend in the number of individuals giving to charity each year. And, of course, to engage the growing millennial workforce that chooses jobs based on how well the workplace aligns with their values.


The big dogs chase down big social issues.

We’re witnessing a critical inflection point in the role business plays in society. Besides Larry Fink’s mandate that CEOs align profit and purpose, we’ve seen other for-profits jump squarely into social issues. Tesla powered a Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico, and Dick's decided to limit the sale of firearms. But none of these have the potential to shake up the status quo like the recent announcement that Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan are forming a healthcare company aimed at making healthcare costs more affordable.

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