Honored with a Valiente Award.


Mighty Ally recognized at SXSW for boldness in marketing

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The phone rang in February and on the other end was the organizer of the Valiente Awards. He informed us that Mighty Ally would be recognized for "boldness in marketing" during this year’s awards show at South by Southwest. And he invited us to Austin to accept the award in person alongside nominees from brands like Bank of America, Pepsi, HP, Farmers Group, and Belkin.

What an honor. So I made the trip across the Atlantic for SXSW and put on my Sunday best.


The Valiente Awards was quite a special event. The official purpose is to recognize marketers who have disrupted the status quo and to showcase change agents with courage, ingenuity, and spirit in delivering remarkable results. It was humbling to stand beside CMOs from some of the world’s largest brands. A lot of people talk a big game about "questioning the status quo" and some companies even tout it as a flimsy core value. But it’s rare and refreshing to see firsthand those trailblazers putting it into action.

It was also fun premiering our new Mighty Ally video – see below – on the big, big screen at the Dell Experience venue. Huge thanks to InterMotion Media for helping us pull this together on short notice!


Then I had the opportunity to answer a few questions about how brands can get involved in the social sector. Take a look... 


But as exceptional as the night was for Mighty Ally, we were most thankful for the platform it provided for those social changemakers we serve. We’re grateful to John Ellett for inviting us, Dell for hosting us, and the Valiente panel of judges for bestowing the honor. We used the award as a springboard for a couple dozen powerful cross-sector chats in the subsequent days. And you can read my top four insights from SXSW here.