Forbes gives Mighty Ally a nod.


Inspiring the for-profit sector to back a non-profit model

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We recently met up with Forbes contributor, author of "The CMO Manifesto", and one of Austin’s marketing greats, John Ellett. He covers ‘marketing change agents who challenge the status quo’ and thought Mighty Ally worthy of a feature.

It’s of course an honor to get a nod from the likes of Forbes. But what really has us fired up is seeing our non-profit model resonate with a respected for-profit publication. A model built on the notion that more agencies and brands should play an active role in furthering the critical work of the social sector.

We’re not the only ones who think so.

According to Cone, 65% of global consumers believe businesses bear as much responsibility as governments for driving social change. And 90% say they would switch to brands that supported responsible causes. But more than half of all consumers don’t trust that brand until they’ve seen ‘real world proof’. They want more than philanthropic giving. 

Then there’s the foundation upon which agencies and brands carry out the day-to-day: their people. 79% of employees say they would prefer to work for a socially responsible company. They crave meaning in their work (which fuels intrinsic motivation, just one of the myriad benefits back to the employer).
Outside of pleasing these stakeholders, there’s significant business value in finding profit in purpose. Even better, the resources that could foster the type of active participation consumers demand and employees crave are already there.

At any given time, the average agency sees more than 40% of service hours going unused by client-billable work. That’s substantial talent and brainpower lying in wait, ready for flexing on complex social issues. And collectively, the Fortune Global 500 spend $15 billion (yes, that’s a b) on corporate social responsibility each year. Though all too many still use CSR solely as a marketing tool (another post for another day).

Mighty Ally’s vision is a society of individual and corporate citizens that prioritizes our most vulnerable and those who serve them.

Our mission is arming underserved changemakers with strategy, operations, and marketing reinforcements in the fight to meet basic human needs.

To make this happen, we need allies. Specifically from the for-profit sector. We hope Forbes’ readers (and you!) feel inspired by the interview to join us.