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Finance full potential.


We know that brand strategy, organizational health, and marketing can transform any business, in any sector. But most nonprofits and social enterprises lack the resources to prioritize these disciplines.

Yet investing in these capacity-building pillars creates more durable and effective organizations that are better able to stand on their own. Funding them is essential to long-term impact success.

Our work amplifies existing dollars, secures donor investments, and decreases future fundraising dependency. Plus we augment with donated services from creative marketing agencies, and the resources and expertise of purposefully-aligned brands.

As a current Executive Director and former funder, I’ve seen the kind of impact an agency partner can make. Mighty Ally’s sliding scale, long-term model is designed to truly meet the realities nonprofits face.
— Ash Rogers, Lwala Community Alliance & formerly Segal Family Foundation

Our method is built on data and produces measurable results.

Our model turns every $1 invested into $4 of service value.

Our approach is to immerse + engage with feet on the ground.


Need post-investment support for your grantee portfolio?

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