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Find profit through purpose.


We believe making a difference is a good business decision. Customers demand it. Employees crave it. And increasingly, investors consider it key to evaluating long-term performance.

Much more than CSR, we help brands find, live, and share their social purpose. Grounding it in business goals, and maximizing it through partnerships that drive real change. So they can deepen customer and team engagement and strengthen competitive position – while meeting the needs of both business and society. 

Our proprietary Social Purpose Platform generates impact on multiple fronts – what we define as the four Ps of shared value:

To be true corporate citizens, brands must move beyond talking about social impact and use their resources to amplify smart nonprofit work. Mighty Ally is well positioned to help brands connect to causes, live their purpose, and impact the bottom line‎.
— Lucia Folk, VP at CMT/Viacom


Foster employee engagement with skills-based volunteering. Nurturing autonomy, mastery, and purpose at work leads to happier people.


Leverage your core business for the service of the others. Integrating your product into your purpose brings insights, returns, and customer value.


Strengthen your positioning by telling your purpose story. Communicating impact beyond surface-level cause marketing is a powerful differentiator.



Make strategic and aligned investments in changemaker partners. Savvy injection of much-needed capital can yield substantial social returns.


Ready to produce social value in lockstep with business value?

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