Shaping resilient organizations & scalable brands.

We align and amplify growth-stage NGOs and social enterprises through brand strategy, org health, and marketing communications.


At an inflection point, many organizations struggle to:

  • Articulate an inspiring reason, mission & vision that’s shared by all.

  • Position products or services among myriad competition & funding options.

  • Craft a bold, compelling brand & message that breaks through the noise.

  • Document a cohesive impact model with demonstrable outcomes.

  • Turn ideas into action & run a healthy, high-performing organization.

  • Reach new audiences, customers & funders to drive diversified revenue.


So they often feel unseen, unheard, unable to grow. And despite high potential, they can stagnate, burn out, or create finite impact. It shouldn’t be so hard to do good.


We get changemakers. We’re one too.

Mighty Ally is one part strategy consultancy, one part marketing agency. And as a nonprofit/B Corp hybrid, we’re all parts focused on impact.

Based in East Africa, we’ve partnered with 20+ clients working in a dozen countries. The common thread? They’re all fighting to meet basic human needs.


We move in close, identify needs, then offer solutions – bridging each to action.



We spend time on the ground with programs and beneficiaries. And in talks with stakeholders and funders. Then we research independently to diagnose challenges and opportunities.


Our team works closely with client leaders to generate ideas and insights. Then we distill these into actionable plans, blueprints, and platforms – all with clear ownership and next steps.


We create briefs for external allies. Or we train internal teams to manage campaigns and operationalize the strategy. Then we align monthly even after the official engagement ends.


Aggregate impact.

We hold ourselves accountable to the end results we produce for clients, and the increased change they are able to create.

Our target is reliable, sustainable growth for changemakers. Meaning more dollars saved and earned for organizations. Less anxiety for leaders. And greater beneficiary reach.


Insights from the field.


The anatomy of a brand: the new 4As framework.

To create a strong NGO or social enterprise brand, follow our four As framework – ambition, approach, alignment, and amplification.

Positioning for the social sector.

All too often, impact orgs fail to clearly define their positioning. A process that, when nailed, can optimize and amplify everything you do.


The Mighty Five: September 2019 roundup.

This month we applaud progress in philanthropy, advise NGOs to learn from Beyoncé, and consider the potential demise of Fair Trade.